Urban Transformation






Urban Transformation

According to United Nations statistics, in 1950 he lived in the city only 29% of the world population today is going 2015'l year rose to 52%.


the fact that our country is a case of disaster and ongoing unplanned construction, contrary to zoning, necessitate the restructuring of the city. Long-term production of solutions for the creation of more livable city today and should be implemented.


Today's problems should not be tomorrow's problems. Therefore, there is a need to comply with a sustainable land use management and zoning plan and application. Construction applications, such as known, is a property arrangements.

The urban transformation is a featured application development.


Reconstruction of the conflict with the most optimistic estimate, said to be around 50%. also the lack of coherence of development and frequently changing laws and regulations is another issue.


To achieve the transformation of urban irdelenip first be discussed by considering the size of the property and property rights and property it must be made available for their use of the most appropriate and modern solution to our pad examining the country. without property, without being held property, unresolved ownership and legal rights to ownership impossible to get the job done and we do not believe that the solution is converted to urban transformation we all know that the build-buy-sell or destroy logic.


Today, professional and ongoing discussions on all current media and in the academic field, modern, contemporary, and since it is unable stated livable cities.


urban renewal work in our country, as alleged, reached a new agenda and are not considered new applications. Although under the name of urban renewal, under other names, improving our cities, for health upgrading and modernizing the past, spent a lot of effort and a variety of applications in this regard, by making the legislation were carried out.


The first 775 regulations enacted in 1966 in the subject Law No. slums are. Besides the measures taken to prevent the reconstruction of shantytowns, which regulates also the liquidation and the development of existing slums and shanty Law No. 775, sort of, is the first urban transformation law in our country.


Later, issued in 1984 2981 number Reconstruction Amnesty Law, and also issued the same year, 2985 Housing Law, efforts have been made to improve the city.


for the healthy development of our city, our country established the modern city nevertheless required to be done arranging so many regulations are not, but the fact that we are trying to do something for our city in the country, what we do we exactly know, is a clear indication that our urbanization strategy.


Urban transformation of the most current and comprehensive arrangements for the 6306 numbered so that the Disaster Risk Areas Under the Law on Transformation should be evaluated in several ways;

Law No. 6306 which aims on the one hand the transformation of the area at risk, on the other hand brings the development amnesty. That is, even in irreconcilable contradiction in itself.


In our country, for rent for profit, driven by poor people from the neighborhood name of urban renewal, the building frenzy of the sun, parks, waiting for solutions urbanites stolen trees.


Urban regeneration projects in our country is a problematic area. Society, 'Urban Transformation' practice is not enough to rely on. To hide it, he sees it is wrong to ignore the root problem or come to as he solves.


Therefore, a dubious approach to urban transformation and insecurity that we have to identify that occur in society.

Therefore, to solve these problems and its ability to develop strategies that respond to the needs of 'urban regeneration' process to all actors involved, all public institutions and organizations, great responsibility falls to the municipalities.


That more than half the world's population lives in cities, and every day that our city is even greater this ratio suggests that became the center of human life. urbanization that increase the possibility of economically standard of living, global warming, issues such as environmental pollution and depletion of natural resources bring along. In this context, economic and green areas considering the needs of the ecological balance of human life, we must build our cities in a context where the natural environment.


the construction of our cities, to be considered in a holistic context of urban planning transformation initiatives and addressing the consequences of the implementation and follow-up is important.


Only improve the quality of life rather than with the social dimension of urban transformation in the building level, using resources efficiently and conciliatory approach is a holistic transformation planning and establishing the relationship of urban transformation. urban transformation in this regard, within the framework of spatial planning approach, ecological, economic and upper scale planning with social stands, land use, design of public spaces, transport relations, risk, evaluate with the social development and economic development dimension and our practices must continue in this direction.


Of housing policy and urban policy by considering the macro-economic context, the process of urban renewal with an overall legislative framework and planning should be addressed in a coordinated fashion. In this context, urban transformation, we see planning as a tool that complements the urban planning rather than as an alternative. This understanding of urban transformation, social, cultural, rural, should be considered within a strategic framework for the improvement of urban and all other values.

As you know, our country has many natural and cultural riches. But the globalization of environmental problems and environmental pressures are falling all major tasks on protection of natural and cultural values ​​in our world is increasing day by day.

Urban transformation, problem areas in urban renewal in order to make healthy and viable, is revitalizing and sağlıklılaştırıl. It defined as the elimination of problems disturbing the fabric of a city.

Urban transformation projects, living in healthy conditions and provides numerous facilities planned urbanization as well as the exclusion of prevention, a more reputable identity for people living in unfavorable conditions is also extremely useful in identifying opportunities.

When we look at the past as a city after the 1940 unfortunately our identity, philosophy, we see an immeasurable improvement and our city, the metropolis is literally the case has turned into a necropolis. almost it destroyed the Ottoman city identity in the new century and a new identity has not been correctly manufactured properly.

For this reason, Turkey is now starting a new era of urban renaissance, urbanism to engineering, it is time to switch to architecture. new strategies, such as integrated urban development strategies and national land use strategy should be prepared well together, we must build.


Urban renewal projects; At the urban scale, taken up with the macro-scale, holistic approach, but it contains a systematic structure complement each other makes sense. Urban renewal projects will be produced by both the housing spaces can be destroyed by the earthquake it should be considered as possible in order to meet the housing needs of the city. Urgently resistance on the current housing situation, the value of ownership and use of transcripts should be made across the city, removing the general inventory of immovable property to serve as a base for urban transformation plan with the property analysis are of great importance in decision making.

Non-financing, for which no feasibility; that is to say, non-rechargeable, the announcement of the project did not provide a broad consensus will not be shared with the public to increase confidence in local government.


As you know, a city of just building the roads, bridges, and so does not consist of consist of. Transformation is not just the things we also made them destroyed. Because cities, above all, is a living environment for humans, it is a natural part of life for the people and it must continue to stay in.


heaps of people in our city between asphalt and concrete surfaces, in a desperate way, they remain stuck. The differentiation can be considered an income gap between the people of our town have also been called.


so-called urban renewal, with consideration of all the issues I have tried to summarize the above, since, without rushing, to destroy the reduced-do without, people-oriented is a process that must be carried out. Urban transformation in unhealthy destination without unplanned construction is not healthy transition to unplanned construction. On the contrary, it aims to achieve a livable urban transformation initiatives with a comprehensive sociological and cultural aspects of the environment and achieving the aesthetic city.


An earthquake healthy country is one of the state's constitutional motion tasks from the fact that, safe and habitable housing that must focus on the production of healthy structures set up to everyone to create cities and livable environment.


State constitutional duties healthy one, safe and livable natural assets to build cities, ecological preserves historical and cultural social values, experienced and a land use that develops on the basis of the settlement policy and environmentally conscious holistic planning approach, considering the needs of people living in the transformation areas, a planning process that the goal of human life and human emergency should actually started.


Healthy and indispensable in terms of all the planning principles and rules of engineering and urban transformation projects that are part of the architecture of the scientific and technical requirements planning discipline developed livable in an urban environment, urban planning discipline to be created. Thus developed the public interest principle in all design and engineering, architecture, planning principles to be followed in indiscriminately.


Urban renewal, urban renewal and rehabilitation work for engineering and technical architecture of the town planning discipline, scientific and legal requirements should be determined based on the technical principles of general principles. Urban urban renewal area before declaring the conversion, to determine whether the implementation of the first earthquake which forms of intervention such as urban rehabilitation, construction quality, flooding, landslides and so on. The fields in the areas of risk, insecurity structure is obsolete and urban areas and the natural, historical, archaeological, cultural-related fields should be identified as key areas in terms of urban identity.


Urban conversion applications in physical, social and economically healthy and livable environment takes place as long as the organizational form of all the actors will attend primarily to the realization of the overall objective to establish and financial resources should be created should be described.


Development projects in the social, physical, natural, environmental and economic conditions must be dealt with; the planning decision for the project area, the city should not be severed from the decision to integrity should not be separated; higher scale plan application contrary to the resolutions should be avoided; projects, analyzed the environmental impacts, notably in transportation decisions should be taken as integrated with the city plan.


Conversion, rehabilitation and / or replacement prescribed areas a holistic view that considers the concerted plan major decision of his plan determining the future nature of the city should have a hungry and planning, programming, design, and as a whole should be dealt with process solutions and applications means that the monetary issues.


Conversion project subject areas of reconstruction of residential areas of healthy habitat characteristics to attain the social and for working space and technical infrastructure facilities, the decision should be taken together, urban and social facilities should be developed in accordance with standards to provide decent living conditions, technical infrastructure and social facilities pass to use the facilities at the same time forms the housing must be provided.


Urban areas, which are subject to conversion and the entire historical experience of the built environment and cultural richness eliminate to demolition and new protection with options other than construction, rehabilitation, first investigated the strengthening and animation options, should be discussed and agreed.


Conversion projects in urban and rural areas devoid of aesthetics, which makes identity must be dispensed from a single type of production space, which eliminates local identity, should be the last to break down and decompose urban space applications. The whole of the required placement, as well as local features in a single structure scale rural textures, historical and cultural heritage and originality must be maintained, to maintain the original character of social life and cultural values, taking into account the approach to be adopted, it must be prioritized.


Conversion projects are under no circumstances should not harm the historical and cultural values, the conversion project will be carried out in areas that have these qualities, the historical and cultural heritage protection and development efforts should be taken as a part of.


Renovation, rehabilitation and conversion processes must be transparent decision-making process should be shared with the relevant sections of society in the entire process knowledge of social groups affected by the project can easily be created Being able to access the social aspects of the harm to the residents that are subject to conversion in this context and on-site conversion policy must be one of the most important goals.


The implementation of the project under any circumstances to social segregation in terms of lives, the social fracture, should not lead to social destruction, the right city, the right to urban, residential immunity and the right to housing policies tenants should be put to a public assurance as to cover.


Conversion to all sectors affected by the project, indiscriminately, until the conclusion of the initiation of the project safe and temporary housing facilities have to be created to wellness facilities or proper housing allowance should be made to the conditions of the day.


living in the project area and smaller than existing housing affected by the project, the more unskilled lower class should not be subject, on the other hand, the arrangements to be made for this purpose should not be recognized as grounds unfair lending.


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