Urban Transformation Enacted






Urban Transformation Enacted

he Prime Minister, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan said after the Van earthquake "No matter what it takes, even if the power in our goods, we will do this conversion" after the words were taken the first step in Urban Renewal.


implementing regulations of the law on the subject was published in the Official Gazette yesterday. The identification of risky buildings in the Regulations, licensed establishments, protest, issues such as giving housing to apartment owners discussed. The second regulation will have budgetary implications. Environment and Urban Planning Minister Erdogan Bayraktar, the critical details of the conversion Milliyet commented.


How to do urban renewal?

"Risky structure" and "risk areas" are two axes, including urban renewal. people who want to determine the risk structure "I'm not sure of my building," it will apply to licensed organizations by the ministry. These institutions and organizations will identify the building in accordance with Regulation earthquake. If no risk report will be submitted to the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization. From there, the deed notified to begin a 60-day eviction process.


How licensed organizations to be determined, they will be which organizations?

Civil, Geological and geophysical engineers rooms, construction supervision agencies, engineering services to companies, universities (for example Sakarya University for approval output), professional associations, working on the reduction of earthquake damage to non-governmental organizations can apply for licenses.

No matter who objected to building reports ...

the decision of the licensed establishments in the case of condominium owners who objected to the risky building to be submitted to the technical committee. This is the decision of the committee will be final. Technical committee on 4 university teacher, have three ministry officials.


Who will demolish the building, who will?

Demolished buildings identified as risky. The buildings will be demolished after the owners of the application will be decided by 3 to 2 majority. Building on the risk reports of the apartment owners collected will go to the process of agreement between them. No matter who disagreed with the decision to be taken, identified the land and the value of the shares will be sold by auction protesting. This agreement, which only sell to stakeholders (other property owners) can be done. The Ministry will buy those shares at their market price if it does not aspire to be.


What will be the situation of sitting tenants in the building to be demolished?

This situation may be such case that more housing within the new development plans. After more residential housing to apartment owners will be offered to the tenant.


Did the reconstruction of the demolished all the buildings will increase?

Some buildings will be able to give reconstruction levy. Especially if it combined parcels and if you leave the place to the public (gardens, parks, roads, parking, green areas) can be said reconstruction levy.


After evacuation allowance to be made in the demolition stage do?

the condominium owners who demolished the building housing allowance can be made. However you will have to make a request to have the floor for rent assistance. It will be examined. We support the ministry as credit, interest rate support, we provide relief aid. Housing benefit will also be an option.


What will happen in risky areas. Is the whole building will be demolished in the designated area?

the unplanned construction on risk areas or areas with soil problems. These areas are identified, the Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) will be asked. Later, the Environment and Urban Planning Ministry's proposal and the decision of the Council of Ministers shall be identified as risk areas and will be announced in the Official Gazette. Following this decision will be demolished all the buildings at risk.


Fatih in Istanbul, Fatih, we thought it was risky areas of information places like Hunters. Is that demolished all the buildings around here?

No-risk areas identified by the Ministry yet.


How to handle the demolition process?

Identified as being at risk for a whole residential area will be cleared. First, to be determined by the property owners. Then the real estate appraisal will be held. If deemed appropriate that the building in terms of floor, next on the agenda the creation of a new city plan. the process has to begin right after the deal. For example, if 200 buildings in risk areas to be determined before the owners after real estate cost and land cost. Examples of projects and after the city removed the model will determine the value of it. This process will begin at the end stage of the citizens deal. New housing do not want, do not want to sell housing to someone outside or understood the contract will be signed by the possibilities to ask about it from somewhere else.


400 billion dollar conversion


He speaks fluent President of the Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts:

rant should not be created in valuation side. where the city's residential area, where it will be commercial space should be given importance. civil society organizations should also be involved in the determination of the reserve area. said a change of 2 million houses in Istanbul With this transformation. We believe the project will be a cost of $ 400 billion. Large firms should be set out in a very clear way of development rights to take part in this project.


'There must be prioritized'


Founding Partner, Urban Strategies Faruk Goksu-Town Planner:

Regulation does not put forward a plan for what will turn primarily buildings and areas. Attention should be paid to areas with high seismic risk. But which towns and neighborhoods unclear given priority. a systematic way is not recommended in the process of transformation of risky areas or structures. Parcel island or in some new strategies should be developed to provide integration scenarios and not in a systematic separation of the conversion terms.


'Secondly future regulations'


Nazmi Durban I in Istanbul Builders Association President:

He does not want to start without waiting for the county municipal regulations. However, this regulation is not enough, comes second behind. After that disaster risk before it is under a lot of value to be determined. However, the valuation will be made relative. The decision may appeal to the issuing authority.


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